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CUNY Application Fee to Be Waived for Low-Inc..

  • Posted On: 27-Sep-2016

The initiative, which applies to New York City public school students, is part of an effort by the city to encourage more young people to go to college. View More...

College Republicans, Once ‘the Best Party on ..

  • Posted On: 23-Sep-2016

Their party’s nominee has attacked conservative heroes and traditions and caused dissension, doubt and widespread mockery from liberal classmates. View More...

Yale Endowment Earned 3.4% in a Year When Man..

  • Posted On: 23-Sep-2016

The average return among endowments that have reported so far is a loss of 2.7 percent, according to Cambridge Associates. View More...

On Campus: Pronoun Privilege

  • Posted On: 25-Sep-2016

At some colleges students introduce themselves by name, followed by a string of preferred pronouns. But the ritual is discomfiting. View More...

Joan of Arc’s Shaky Pedestal: France Battles ..

  • Posted On: 27-Sep-2016

Changes to how history is taught, as well as changes to how French, Latin and Greek are introduced, have set off arguments between the right and the left. View More...

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